Damien Bàsh
I was born in 1966; my father a physician, my mother a society socialite.
Against all odds and expectations I always rebelled against structural normality that was widely accepted and praised. Instead, I followed my passion for the unique and precious.
I studied Fine Arts and Architecture that gave me the possibility to expand my visions and skills.
I was trained and mentored by the great French designer and architect Andreè Putman and my work was acknowledged and praised by the spectacular, Jean-Louis Dumas Hermès.
I am a designer who is inspired by creativity.
I created the LUCIFER line of fragrances with one intention in mind; passion at its finest. The Lucifer line is a work of cool intelligence that is non apologetic and has been internationally praised by the most powerful editors and desired by the finest vendors.
My art portrays an intense and provocative dive into the subconscious and raises curiosity.
My architecture and interiors have one goal in mind, Simple is Better, Simple is Best as harmony, elegance and simplicity are required to achieve an ideal habitat. The house and all the objects must communicate with one another and respond to and create a balance.
And last, as DeDe thought me that to be truly stylish is to have a feeling for that secret knowledge that modest things can be more beautiful than anything expensive.
Thank you-